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We're a nonprofit too!

Civil society, NGOs, charities— we go by many names, but we're working towards a common goal: changing our communities for the better. We're finding innovative ways to help where no infrastructure exists to do so. Nothing is more important to nonprofits than those who rely on us. And for TechSoup Global, nothing is more important than our fellow nonprofits. Our top priority is building your capacity, so you can better serve the needs of those who rely on you.

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TechSoup's Mission

Many nonprofits and social benefit organizations worldwide serve the needs of low-income, underserved populations and create positive social change. We believe these organizations could have even greater impact through the appropriate use of technology. This requires assistance with obtaining, using, and sustaining technology.

TechSoup Global, founded in 1987 as CompuMentor, helps nonprofits globally get and use technology to heighten their impact. Through its websites, events, and community-building initiatives, TechSoup Global also helps companies and foundations optimize their philanthropic impact.

TechSoup Global's mission is to work toward a time when every nonprofit and NGO on the planet has the technology resources and knowledge it needs to operate at its full potential.

A guiding principle in our work is that NGOs are agents of change, not beneficiaries of aid. Our efforts are focused on creating sustainable communities in which all participants are contributors, not on the redistribution of resources from the haves to the have-nots.

We believe that all participants have resources that, brought to bear on a problem, can result in real solutions. This currency of contribution underwrites all of our work.

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Celebrating Diversity


TechSoup Global is dedicated to creating and supporting an environment of openness, trust, and fun where people's differences are valued and respected, and where people of diverse backgrounds participate fully in our organization.

We believe that the diverse cultures and persectives of our staff will help us better serve our clients. TechSoup Global is an equal opportunity agency and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

Our flagship program,, helps nonprofit organizations and libraries access the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential. Each month more than 250,000 individuals visit to make informed technology decisions, become part of a community, and request product donations. More

With more than 200 staff members and a long history, TechSoup Global is proud to have built and retained a talented, experienced and eclectic team. Our staff is a mix of highly-skilled technologists, seasoned business professionals, and long-time nonprofit sector leaders and visionaries. More

Daniel Ben-Horin

Daniel Ben-Horin, Founder and Chief Instigator

Mr. Ben-Horin created TechSoup Global (as "CompuMentor") in 1987 by tapping volunteer resources on the WELL, one of the first online communities. Over the past two decades, he guided the TechSoup Global evolution from a small, local nonprofit to a globally respected entity with more than 200 employees and a budget of US$30 million. more

Rebecca Masisak, CEO

Rebecca Masisak joined TechSoup Global in 2001 to launch and chart the growth of TechSoup Global's technology product donation program and social enterprise. After successfully establishing the program in North America more


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