Quick and Reliable Online Validation of Nonprofits, Charities, and NGOs worldwide


The lack of global regulations and standards makes it difficult, resource-intensive, and risky for corporations, foundations, and government entities to provide resources to NGOs around the world.

NGOk is a global validation service that connects philanthropy programs with NGOs, giving them access to a broad range of resources offered by social-sector stakeholders. It facilitates effective, efficient philanthropy programs, creating a connection with legitimate NGOs according to the regulations in the country they are located.

TechSoup Global has been providing NGO validation services to over 100 companies, foundations, and government partners around the world. NGOk reaches 50+ countries, works in 30 languages, and takes into account country-level eligibility criteria.


Benefits to NGOs

  • Easy-to-use online service
  • Quick access to special benefits for qualified NGOs


Benefits to corporations and other clients:

  • Simplified, more efficient philanthropy programs by eliminating the need for researching NGO bona fides in-house
  • Reliable, standardized validation process that helps you comply with the country-specific regulations for providing resources to the social sector
  • Customizable to fit the needs of your company (e.g. geography, language, and philanthropic goals)
  • Simple integration into existing websites
  • Available for a single country, multiple countries, region, or worldwide.



Would you like to learn more about how NGOk can help your company increase its philanthropic impact?

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