Why Work for TechSoup Global?

Come work with us and experience it first hand!

At TechSoup Global, we are proud of our diverse skills sets and backgrounds that help us assist nonprofits in so many different ways. What keeps our extraordinary bunch of people together is the unique TechSoup Global spirit. This spirit touches every aspect of working at TechSoup Global — from the people we hire, to the way we work with our clients, to what we consider to be a great work environment.

Curious what TechSoup Global staff has to say about the organization and why they enjoy working here? Read on!

"TechSoup Global is a full-blown high-tech place that reflects the creative spirit and diversity of San Francisco, has a vivid intellectual culture, and is dedicated to harnessing the power of IT forthe good of the world. It's an incredible place. "


"I know of no other place where the richness of company culture is combined with a chemistry that yields a truly unique and extraordinary work environment that is supportive, encourages collaboration, promotes creativity, and results in tremendous support for other nonprofits and communities in general."


"TechSoup Global is very flexible and accommodating to individual needs."


"TechSoup Global has a knack for hiring three-dimensional people who like to balance their home-life with their work-life. The number of artists, environmentalists, and outdoor enthusiasts keeps a friendlier dynamic in the office."


"I love working in the midst of creative, interesting, and literate people."


"It's diversity, all different points of views and backgrounds, and the family feel is genuine. The job is sometimes stressful yet fun, and s like no other job I've ever had. It's hard not wanting to come into work, even on a sunny day!"


"It's the vast opportunities afforded by the organization to do interesting, impactful things."


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