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The organizations doing the most vital work are often last in line for technology. Our corporate partners are working hard to change that. Their technology donations help nonprofit organizations and libraries around the world access the technology resources and knowledge they need to serve their communities.

Industry leaders such as Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec have had a profound impact on the nonprofit sector. Through TechSoup Global, perhaps the largest product philanthropy program in the world, our partners have made more than U.S. $4.6 billion in product donations available to qualified nonprofits and libraries. (Download the Fiscal Year 2014 Year in Review.)

A global network

We started 25 years ago distributing floppy disks out of the back of a Volvo, now our product donation program operates in 121 countries, reaching hundreds of thousands of NGOs. To expand internationally, we partnered with independent NGOs, allowing them to become donation access points in their communities. These partner NGOs customize our offerings, so that their communities receive the best available local and global technology resources.

"Partnering with TechSoup has enabled Cisco to distribute more products to nonprofits in one month than Cisco had expected to distribute in one year."

Cisco Systems Foundation,
TechSoup Global partner since 2000.

We need you

Technology is integral to the nonprofits and libraries we serve. Like any of your existing customers, they are wrestling with IT capacity, remote workforces, migration to the cloud, and a myriad of other technology challenges.

As the largest congregator of nonprofits on the planet, we can help your company meet its philanthropic goals and provide additional resources so that your donation recipients make the best use of the technology they receive. Learn more.

If you’d like to learn more about product philanthropy, please contact

Gayle Carpentier,
Chief Business Development Officer
+1.800.659.3579 x1344


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