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Contribute Money

Expanding possibilities.

We continue to look for new ways to leverage our network to create far-reaching change. How do we gain insight from our unique perspective across thousands of NGOs around the world? How do we share it in a meaningful way? How can we make our structures more transparent, allowing more people to build on our work and contribute their knowledge and resources? What can a technologically empowered, networked worldwide NGO sector accomplish? These are the questions that fuel our work.

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Philanthropic investment allows us to innovate

As a nonprofit social enterprise we rely on institutional investment to build out new services, upgrade, and innovate. Our grantors allow us to pilot new programs and serve new communities. Our economically sustainable model, based on earned revenue that's closely connected to the need it fills, gives us the freedom to pursue innovative ideas, uplifting the nonprofit sector while remaining a financially sound investment.

Speaking of sustainability

What does Sustainability mean to us? It means ensuring that the programs we offer outlast their grant periods. It means building expertise from the ground up in the communities we serve.

Sustainability isn't just something we strive for internally — it's an asset to be shared with others. We consider the nonprofits we serve to be agents of change, rather than recipients of aid. This perspective allows us to accomplish far more than we'd be able to do on our own, and amplifies the impact of every grant we receive.


Join our list of generous supporters that share the conviction that technology is a powerful enabler for social change. For more information, contact:

Phil Ferrante-Roseberry
Vice President, Strategic Development



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