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Technology access is an essential part of uplifting the social benefit sector, but computers, software, and data are worthless without the knowledge to use them effectively. That’s where you come in. Your expertise is a vital asset to creating meaningful change.

Shared knowledge creates community.

TechSoup has developed a platform for global changemakers and technologists to come together and create community. We create opportunities to connect for all those involved : whether you are a nonprofit or a foundation, a designer or a developer, a changemaker or an entrepreneur. This network of contributors is our backbone — it's what allows us to match a question from Hong Kong with an answer in Chile. Through projects like Donate Your Brain, our Community Forums, and NetSquared Local events, we bring together unlikely allies who develop sustainable solutions to meet today's most urgent social challenges.

Join our network of contributors.

Knowledge is a game changer. Join TechSoup and broadcast your knowledge across the sector.

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