Photo sharing in the voluntary sector

Who are they?


Where are they?

Based in London, but operating nationally.

What do they do?

Aim to inspire a new generation of people to volunteer in their communities, and help businesses and charities to develop effective volunteer programmes.

How big are they?

Around 40 staff.

What did they receive?

  • Flickr: five one-year pro accounts
  • Cisco PIX506E Security Appliance
  • Microsoft Publisher 2007, Visio Professional 2007, Windows Server 2003, Technet Plus single-user subscription, System Essentials 2007 Server and 30x Office Professional Plus 2007.

The outcome?

Photo file management is  streamlined, with efficiency gains and cost savings as a result.

Organisation's URL:

Flickr saves us both space and bandwidth.

-Damien Austin-Walker, as Head of Technical and Online Systems, TimeBank


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