P.A.V.E.L Association

“Because of these donations, our financial efforts for accessing the right technology were diminished. The products were used to equip two computers in the playroom for kids and one laptop.”
— Olga Cridland, president of P.A.V.E.L Association

Who are they?
P.A.V.E.L Association


Where are they?
Bucharest, Romania

What do they do?
Help children and young people with cancer and support their parents.

How big are they?
6 full-time employees; 10 part-time employees; 20 volunteers

What did they receive?
Windows Professional – Get Genuine; Windows 8 Pro – Get Genuine; Office 2013; Windows MultiPoint Server 2012; Windows Server 2012

What was the outcome?
Increased and secured the workflow within the organization.


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