Cisco Webex Gets Green IT Summit Award for Best Telework and Teleconferencing Solution

As our GreenTech director, I’d like everyone to know that our TechSoup donor partner, Cisco, has just won the Green IT Summit 2012 award for year’s best telework and teleconferencing solution. The award is for Cisco’s Webex conferencing service that combines desktop sharing through a web browser with phone conferencing and video conferencing, so groups of people can have virtual meetings.

Teleconferencing is a very crowded part of the cloud and is regarded as green IT because it tends to reduces travel for people to attend meetings in person. Using a service like Webex allows virtual teams to easily collaborate with distant colleagues and clients. It of course also saves time and money.

The Green IT Summit is a yearly event held in the Washington D.C. area around Earthday. This year the summit covered more than just green IT, and included sessions on clean energy, water efficiency, achieving zero waste, greening the supply chain, and sustainable communities.  The Green IT Council handed out six awards in green IT including ones for cloud computing, data center innovation, desktop virtualization, energy management solutions, energy efficient computing, and teleconferencing and telework.

Telework is another name for telecommuting, or working from home, and is perhaps the biggest trend in green IT. According to the Telework Research Network, 45% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least part-time telework. The estimated 2.9 million U.S. telecommuters save 390 million gallons of gas and prevent the release of 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gases yearly. The practice grew by 61% between 2005 and 2009. So getting the award for best telework and teleconferencing solution is a big deal indeed.




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