TechSoup Global Releases Results of Global NGO Cloud Survey

Today TechSoup Global released the findings from our 2012 Global NGO Cloud Survey. The executive summary (in several languages) and full report (in English) are available at no cost to everyone. The survey was fielded in February and March 2012. It received more than 10,500 respondents in 88 countries and was done in collaboration with 36 partners around the world.

The survey was translated it into 21 languages, which helped us to achieve a very large and diverse worldwide sample size. Our large number of responses enabled us to compare cloud adoption among NGOs by region and also by per capita GDP. We received robust base size results in 26 countries so this work clearly demonstrates the reach of the TechSoup Global network and the ability to achieve global results and still ensure that we have a local impact.

What Did We Find?

In a nutshell, key findings include:

  • 90% of respondents worldwide are using cloud services in some way
  • 60% say lack of knowledge is the greatest barrier to stronger adoption
  • 79% say the greatest advantage of adoption is easier software/hardware administration
  • 47% say cost-related changes and ease of setup would be the greatest motivators for moving more of their IT to the cloud
  • 53% report plans to move a "significant portion" of their IT to the cloud within three years
  • Why We Conducted the Survey

    We had three objectives in mind when we conducted this survey:

  • Gauge how NGOs are responding to cloud computing in terms of current use
  • Measure what NGOs perceive as the barriers to, and advantages of, cloud computing
  • Better understand NGO plans for adopting cloud technologies so that TechSoup Global and other nonprofit support entities can address the needs of NGOs given their current state of IT sophistication.
  • To quote TechSoup Global co-CEO Rebecca Masisak: “TechSoup Global is thrilled to better understand how and why cloud computing can rapidly advance the causes of every social benefit organization in all parts of the world. By sharing the voices of NGOs with the sector as a whole, this survey will allow us to better use cloud computing to improve organizations’ effectiveness, collaboration, and access to data.”



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